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We would like to highlight some of the things we have always done and make you aware of new things that you can expect to see around the office.

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We would like to highlight some of the things we have always done and make you aware of new things that you can expect to see around the office.

Here at Renew, we are no stranger to handling hazardous materials and aerosols. Being SMART certified and professionally trained in mercury amalgam removal has proven beneficial in response to the Covid-19 recommendations. We have always had a medical grade air filtration system in place, used isolation gowns, gloves, hair coverings, N95 double vented particle respirators and face shields.  We also have a large external suction mechanism that reduces aerosols in the treatment room.  Another tool that we have in place is the utilization of Ozone.  We ozonate the water that goes in the dental units every morning, so the aerosols that are formed are combined with ozonated water.  This has been shown to cut down the bacterial and viral load of the aerosols.

The safety and care of our patients and Renew team members is still our number one priority. We have a unique patient base made up of a higher than usual percentage of patients with chemical sensitivities, immunocompromised patients, and autoimmune disorders. We have always seen this as our great honor and responsibility to carefully protect while we treat our patient family.  New things that have been put in place to manage the increased concern for infection control and patient/staff protection are as follows:

The Renew staff is screening patients over the phone prior to the scheduled appointment and as patents arrive. Should a patient arrive with a temperature above 99.7, experiencing cold/flu like symptoms or been directly exposed to someone that has tested positive for Covid-19, they will be be rescheduled and referred to .

We ask that patients remain in their vehicle until their appointment time, call the office when you arrive, and we will let you know when we are ready to seat you directly in an exam room.

We ask that you do not bring extra family members with you to your appointment.  For the safety of our patient family and Renew staff, we ask that the waiting room remain empty during our work day.

You may also notice that it will be a little quiet around here. This may be the biggest change that you will see.  Under the instruction of Governor Abbot and the TexasState Board fo Dental Examiners, until May 11th we have limited appointments to emergency care only and limited the amount of staff present at one time. After May 11th, we will still limit the number of patients in the office at one time, but we will be able to resume “elective dental care”.  There will be a few days each month for patients to be seen while being the only patient in the office.  These appointment will be prioritized for our medically compromised patients.

If your treatment appointment with Dr Beard or one of our hygiene team members had to be cancelled and you have not been contacted by a staff member, please give the office a call so that we do not postpone your treatment any further.  You may receive emails and text reminders with new appointment times. Unless you have been contacted, these appointment reminders are temporary and are being used as “placeholders” until we are able to fully recover our schedule. Please do not hesitate to call and confirm appointment times.  These have been confusing times for us all even our dental practice software!!

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. There is an emergency phone number listed on our answering service and we have a staff member taking care of phone calls during business hours.

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